Woman attacked with gasoline when she was homeless seeks ‘saviors’

A woman who lived as a homeless person for a period reported that, while in this vulnerable situation, she was attacked by strangers, who doused her in gasoline, and nearly charred her to death. The tragedy was averted by two unknown women who showed up at the scene, and today the victim is looking for them to thank them for the gesture.

The violent episode took place two years ago in Hove, UK, when Mairead Soledad was facing financial difficulties. She lived on the street, accompanied by her dog Solo.

In a publication made last week on Facebook, the Englishwoman recalled that, one night, while she was sleeping next to her pet, she was attacked by two men. They surrounded her and poured a large amount of gasoline on her. However, before they set fire to it, a mother and daughter who were strolling around the area caught the assassination attempt.

The attackers fled, and the two women ran to help the frightened homeless man.

“They took me to their house, let me shower and fed me,” said the victim.

Mairead Soledad and her dog in Hove, UK.  - Playback/Facebook - Playback/Facebook

Mairead Soledad stopped living on the streets and now has a home next to the dogs.

Image: Playback/Facebook

Mairead explained that the moment also meant the beginning of a new stage in her life, as her saviors not only prevented her death, but also helped her get a safe place to live and other resources to live in dignity.

“They then helped me get into a hostel and get support, which is how I ended up getting off the streets,” Mairead said.

The young woman feels that she is indebted to her family and wants to find her to thank her for the support she has given her.

“I just wanted to say thank you to everyone who went the extra mile to make sure I got myself and my dog ​​a new home. I am forever grateful as I lived in absolute fear, but these kind words and help from these people are the only reason why which I’m still alive,” she said in her post.

In the post, Mairead presented the little information she knows about the identity of the mother, husband and daughter who welcomed her, in the hope that other netizens can collaborate with their location.

“I know it’s a long shot but I’m looking for this couple, her name was Sherrie and her husband was Pablo. They had two dogs and a daughter. They lived near Wish Park and I hope someone knows them. I really just wanted to thank them and say I’m alive and safe. If anyone could help it would mean the world to me,” Mairead asked.

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