Woman stuck with duct tape on plane seat gets record fine

A passenger received the biggest fine in FAA (United States Federal Aviation Administration) history after attacking the crew and trying to open the door of an aircraft mid-flight. To make matters worse, she had to be secured to a seat with duct tape. The case took place in July 2021.

The FAA fined the woman US$81,850, approximately R$386,000 at current exchange rates, after she was the protagonist of the confusion. The journey of the American Airlines flight, which left Dallas, Texas, and went to Charlotte, North Carolina, takes about 2 hours to be carried out by plane.

On the troubled flight, the woman fell into the aisle of the aircraft and threatened a crew member who offered to help. After that, she tried to open the cabin door and was prevented.

The amount to be paid managed to overcome the fine of US$ 77,272, approximately R$ 365 thousand reais, in a case that also took place in July last year. At the time, a man tried to open the plane’s door several times and bit another passenger.

Pete Buttigieg, US Secretary of Transportation, urged that “if you’re on a plane, don’t be an idiot and don’t put the crew and other passengers at risk.”

Man beaten after trying to open plane door

Recently, a jiu-jitsu fighter, along with crew members, prevented an uncontrolled passenger from opening the plane’s door. The flight traveled between Doha, Qatar, and Casablanca, Morocco.

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