7 foods that are bad for your health that you probably didn’t know

Eating well is fundamental to being healthy, so it is important to know better the foods that are part of our routine and, if possible, consult a professional from the nutrition area, who can evaluate your food routine and create a diet plan that meets your needs.

Today, we are going to talk specifically about some foods that you may not know, but that are bad for your health. when consumed daily. See what they are:


This popular ingredient on the Brazilian table is made from hydrogenated vegetable oils, which makes margarine a powerful source of trans fats. If you can, use butter instead.

processed meats

That hot dog sausage shouldn’t be eaten too often, eh?

The problem with processed meats (which also include bacon, ham, salami and sausage) is that they are made with a lot of sodium and fat, contributing to weight gain, helping to increase blood pressure and cholesterol levels.

Soft drinks

While this drink is popular, it shouldn’t be consumed often. The reason lies in the high amounts of sugar used to prepare sodas, making them a great source of empty calories.

Fried food

Those fries are tempting, we know, but they are bad for your health if consumed daily. The problem with frying is the high amount of saturated fats that we eat per table, since the preparation is done by immersing food in oil.

canned goods

The villain of the time is in the cans, which contain an element called bisphenol, which is harmful to the body and can even alter hormone levels.

instant noodles

To get ready in such a short time, this noodles is fried, which means it has more calories and oil than ideal. This product is also a great source of sodium, which is harmful to health when consumed frequently.

white breads

That sandwich bun isn’t that innocent. As they are made with white wheat flour, white breads have few nutrients and have no health benefits. Always prefer the full versions.

Of course, you don’t have to stop consuming these products, but it’s a good idea to reduce the frequency and choose healthier options whenever possible.

To find out which diet is best for you, the ideal is to make an appointment with a nutritionist.

This text is for informational purposes only. It should not be used as a substitute for medical diagnosis or treatment.

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