Antonov begins damage assessment of the An-225 and other planes hit in the war

With the resumption of Gostomel Airport, northwest of Kiev, the owners of the Antonov jets were able to return to the main headquarters of the Ukrainian manufacturer and airline.

Disclosure – Antonov

The airport was retaken after the departure of Russian troops from the Kiev region, in a reorganization of the Russian military, which now concentrates its actions in the most eastern, southern and southeastern parts of Ukraine, especially in the separatist regions.

Since then, the airport has gradually been opened for the original operators to visit the facilities. In a recent moment, the main pilot of the then largest plane in the world, the An-225 Mriya, visited the site and showed in detail how the aircraft was damaged during the conflict.

Now, a more technical analysis is being done by Antonov itself, manufacturer and operator of the An-225, in addition to other giants such as the An-22 Antei and the An-124 Ruslan. According to a publication by the company on social media, a technical team was sent yesterday (14) to Gostomel Airport to assess the damage and carry out preliminary estimates of losses and costs, together with the Ukrainian defense conglomerate, Ukroboronprom.

It is not yet clear whether the values ​​of the reforms, including a possible reconstruction of the An-225, will be released, but the probability is that they will. More information should be released soon.

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