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Images of Frank James released by the NYPD
Reproduction / NYPD

Images of Frank James released by the NYPD

Suspected of being responsible for the attack on a New York subway car, Frank R. James frequently posted videos on the internet with hate speech, delusions of persecution, outbursts of homophobia, misogyny and racism, against blacks and Hispanics, but also against whites, in addition to presenting himself as a being “full of hate and anger”. He also expressed the desire to pick up a gun and shoot at random, against anyone, according to “El País”.

In one of these posts, James foreshadowed an attack, in which he said that “there would be blood, lots of blood”, adding, apparently in delirium, that the population size should be reduced. His profile had been active for years on YouTube, having several recent posts with similar content, and being deleted just 24 hours after the attack.

The attack on the New York subway took place last Tuesday, when a man threw two smoke grenades and fired at least 33 shots inside a car, around 8:30 am, the busiest time of transport.

The attack at the 36th Street station in the Sunset Park neighborhood of Brooklyn left at least 23 wounded, including 10 by gunshot and the rest by smoke inhalation and the commotion caused by the attempted escape of passengers. All have recovered and are out of danger. NYPD arrested James on Wednesday afternoon in Manhattan’s East Village, about eight miles from the scene of the attack.

According to authorities, James had already been detained 12 times. The suspect was arrested with the help of residents, who posted photos on social media and alerted the police after a 30-hour search. One of them is Syrian immigrant Zack, who said in interviews with several local outlets that he didn’t sleep thinking the shooter was on the loose.

“We got him. I thank the police,” New York Mayor Eric Adams told reporters after the arrest. “We will protect the people of this town and arrest those who believe they can bring terror to ordinary New Yorkers.

New York prosecutor Breon Peace said in a statement that James was charged “with violating (Article) 18 USC 1992, which prohibits terrorism and other violent attacks against mass transit systems.” If he is convicted, he could face life imprisonment.

James is responsible for renting a van that may be linked to the crime, which left 29 injured, including ten with gunshot wounds. This Wednesday, 16 people were released, but five are still hospitalized, in stable condition. Of the total, five of the victims were young people going to school, according to New York Governor Kathy Hochul.

He has addresses in Wisconsin and Philadelphia, and authorities were offering a $50,000 reward for his capture. His credit card and keys to the van he had rented were found at the scene of the attack. Until Tuesday, he was considered a “person of interest”. Two police officers told CNN that the gun evidence was the turning point in making him a suspect. The weapon used in the attack was purchased in 2011.

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