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Michel Faro Praddo, known as “Devil”, is known the world over for his extreme body modifications. With more than 85% of the body tattooed and several radical procedures to change its appearance, the tattoo artist follows with his project.

According to the publication made by The Mirror, the most recent modification of Diabão was the removal of his ears, a symbolic act to celebrate the end of restrictions and the imposition of the use of masks to prevent Covid-19.

Among the procedures performed by him are the placement of horn-shaped implants in his forehead, the partial removal of his nose and ring finger and the placement of a silver dental prosthesis.

Born in Praia Grande, on the coast of São Paulo, Brazil, Diabão is married to Carol Praddo, known as “Mulher Demônia”, and together they began to venture into the world of extreme body modifications.

At the end of the year 2021, Michel underwent one of the most extreme modifications: he removed a finger from his left hand to give it a more “extraterrestrial” appearance.

He removed the ears after releasing the masks

After the release of mandatory face masks, Diabão performed a new body modification: he removed his ears, a procedure he had been waiting for for some time.

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He shared the news with his followers on Instagram, where he posted an image of the ears next to a face mask. “If I am no longer obliged to use one, I can dispense with the other, right?”, he asks in the caption.

The procedure was performed by body modification specialist ‘Gattoo Moreno’, who came to Brazil to remove the tattoo artist’s ears.

In a report, Diabão says that he hoped to remove his ears before the pandemic, but ended up postponing his plans. He now says he is “extremely excited” after performing his most recent body modification and continues to share his project with thousands of followers on his social media.

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