Easter holiday has vaccination against Covid, flu, measles and polio in SP

Health services in the city of São Paulo work in a special scheme this Easter holiday, between this Friday (15) and Sunday (17). Check out the units that will be open and closed for vaccination against Covid-19, flu, measles and polio:

Will be open and with uninterrupted operation:
– Hospitals and emergency rooms;
– AMAs (Ambulatory Medical Assistance) 24 hours;
– UPAs (Emergency Care Units);
– Caps AD IV (Psychosocial Care Center for Alcohol and Drugs IV Redenção);
– Samu (Mobile Emergency Care Service).

Will be closed:
– UBSs (Basic Health Units);
– CEccos (Centres for Coexistence and Cooperatives) and the CERs (Centers Specialized in Rehabilitation);
– RME (Municipal Specialized Network) in STI/Ainds (Sexually Transmitted Infections).

Other services:
– The 12pm AMAs will be open on Friday (15) and Saturday (16), from 7am to 7pm;
– Integrated AMAs/UBSs will work on Friday (15) and Saturday (16), from 7 am to 7 pm, including for vaccination against Covid-19, flu, measles and poliomyelitis;
– Day Hospitals will only work on Saturday (16);
– Caps III (Psychosocial Care Centers) will work on Friday (15), Saturday (16) and Sunday (17), only with internal demands, without opening to the public;
– The Specialty AMAs will be closed on Friday (15) and will be open on Saturday (16), from 7 am to 7 pm;
– The three units of veterinary hospitals in the north, south and east will be closed on Friday (15);
– Cosap (Coordination of Health and Protection of Domestic Animals) will work on duty on Friday (15).

In addition to this equipment, Covisa (Health Surveillance Coordination) and DVZ (Zoonosis Surveillance Division) are on duty. All units will return to normal service on Monday (18).


On Friday (15) and Saturday (16), the Integrated WADAs/UBSs will provide, from 8 am to 7 pm, vaccines against Covid-19, flu, measles and polio. Children aged 5 to 11 years, adolescents and adults can be vaccinated against Covid-19. Stations will apply first (D1), second (D2) and additional doses (DAs).

Against the influenza virus, which causes the flu, the vaccine is available for seniors over 60 years of age and healthcare workers.

Children aged six months and younger than five years are eligible for measles, in addition to health professionals and those born after 1960. For poliomyelitis, children younger than five years old, without a vaccination history or with an incomplete vaccination schedule are eligible for poliomyelitis. This also applies to travelers, immigrants and refugees from endemic or outbreak countries.

On Easter Sunday (17), the population can look for the partner pharmacy (nº 995), the tent (nº 52) of Avenida Paulista and the stations set up in the parks. The parks and the tent on Avenida Paulista will apply doses of vaccine against Covid-19 and against the flu for eligible age groups. The pharmacy will only have a vaccine against Covid-19.

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