Elden Ring: After Malenia, Mohg Is The Next Boss To Have His Own “Solar”

If the trend picks up, each boss will have a player who goes head to head

If you don’t know the souls player community, specifically FromSoftware games and not others of the genre, know that everyone is very helpful (when not toxic). You met here the legend “Let me solo her”, a player dedicated to taking on Malenia helping other players in co-op. Now comes “Let me solo him”, another player who “solo” Mohganother boss almost as difficult as Miquella’s Blade.

Although not yet known as the legend who fights Malenia alone, Let me solo him is available to players to face one of the most difficult bosses in the game, Mohg, Lord of Blood. Unlike the half-naked guy with a pot on his head and two katanas, this is a fully dressed mage, using the infamous Comet Azur, also known as a kamehameha.

The path started by Let me solo her has brought many other players, the vast majority going to play, like “Let me just watch”. The player, characterized as Seluvis, an NPC mage from Elden Ring (a very arrogant guy) is called by another player and just watches the poor guy struggling against the boss.

While Let me solo him uses the powerful magic once against Mohg, Let me solo her faces Malenia in the race, using attack buffs, relying only on his dodge ability, since without any armor it is difficult to resist an attack, the unless it’s way above the recommended level, which doesn’t seem to be the case with this one that’s already become a legend. Mohg’s “solator” will certainly not have the same fame.

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On the r/Eldenring subreddit there are several arts in honor of the first great hero of the game, there are people who have even made a 3D printed statue. Too bad the player appears to be North American, so it would be hard for us to find him around here without a serious high ping issue.

If the trend really catches on, we’ll have Let me solo her everywhere to help those who have worked so hard against Malenia. In fact, after platinum Elden Ring, I was looking for a different challenge. Could I become the “Let me solo her”? We’ll see…

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