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Gerson Lavísio, a fake doctor caught acting as a rescued at Dutra, is the target of yet another lawsuit. The lawsuit for moral damages is brought by the defense of doctor Gerson Butignoli Junior, who alleges that the forger impersonated him and used his professional record to act as an on-call worker in a hospital in São Paulo.

In the petition filed on April 12, the defense of doctor Gerson Butignoli, who works in the region of Ribeirão Preto, alleges that more than 15 patients were deceived and treated by Gerson Lavísio in an emergency hospital in the Parelheiros neighborhood, in the capital of São Paulo. .

According to Butignoli, the forger used his name and CRM – professional registration of the category – irregularly to “prescribe wrong medical prescriptions, putting several lives at risk”.

The doctor’s defense reports in the lawsuit that Butignoli learned of the scammer’s action through social media, after patients and doctors got in touch with him, reporting calls that had been made in his name and showing wrong prescriptions that were prescribed with the stamp. from Butignoli.

In the document, the doctor’s lawyers report that after the shock of the discovery, Butignoli tried to talk to the hospital’s administration, to investigate the situation and understand how the fake doctor had been hired using his name and CRM, but he never got a response.

Free, fake doctor who helped Dutra victims says he will continue to work on shifts

Free, fake doctor who helped Dutra victims says he will continue to work on shifts

A short time later, in March, after the case of Gerson Lavísio had gained national repercussion and the fake doctor began to be investigated by the Civil Police, Butignoli was sought out by the press all over the country, he was shaken by the repercussion and fearing for his own career in medicine, as a recent graduate.

“The author found himself in the middle of a big problem involving his name, CRM and career as a whole. The beginning of the profession is a crucial moment to “make a name”, as it is commonly said. This right, however, was snatched from the author, as he will now have forever recorded, at the beginning of his career, the incident of the false doctor who mistakenly tried to cut off a patient’s leg on the highway”, he defends.

The request for compensation of R$ 20,000 for moral damages is against Gerson Lavísio and also against the ASF – Associação Saúde da Família, the entity that managed AMA Palheiros, an outpatient unit where the fake doctor worked using the Butignoli CRM.

THE g1 tried to contact Gerson Butignoli, but did not get a response until the publication of this report.

Gerson Lavísio, a false doctor arrested after determining the amputation of the leg of a victim of an accident on Via Dutra, was a forger.

In addition to lying about his background, he even made a list of victims posing as an evangelical pastor, missionary in Africa, Christian coach and boyfriend, with more than one companion at the same time. He used social media to convince some of the victims, boasting a life he didn’t have.

Fake doctor discovered in SP has also impersonated a pastor and asked for donations from the faithful

Fake doctor discovered in SP has also impersonated a pastor and asked for donations from the faithful

The man is from Cambará, Paraná, is 32 years old and worked as a false doctor for at least four months. He began to present a fake medical degree from Unicid, which denied that he had taken any courses at the institution,

Despite the string of lies, Gerson was never arrested. In his name, in a consultation with the Civil Police, there are only three police reports. Two for illegal exercise of the profession and one for embezzlement, made by the girlfriend.

Since March 15, the report has tried to contact Gerson Lavísio, but he declined to comment and did not appoint a lawyer for his defense.

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