FLEE LASCA: in a harsh repudiation note, UPA servers criticize councilors and secretary of Health in Vilhena

“Councillors wait and we can serve everyone like mere robots”

Sent by a doctor to FOLHA DO SUL ON LINE, but representing the opinion of the other UPA servers, in Vilhena, a note of rejection to counter councilors, secretary of health and people who usually criticize the service in the unit shows the indignation of professionals.

One of the excerpts from the collective demonstration mentions the last session of the Vilhena City Council, when insinuations about the conduct of doctors were made. The site published the accusation that the professionals would be “hitchhikers” (UNDERSTAND HERE).

The repudiation of the category also extends to the participation of two councilors in a TV program, when the parliamentarians would have denounced the case of a patient sent by the Municipality of Comodoro (MT): the man, according to the accusation made by the two mayors, would have left of receiving care.

In fact, the man was supposed to be taken to Rolim de Moura, but ended up being “left” in Vilhena. The problem was resolved when the doctor in Comodoro called another doctor in Rolim, whose secretary of health sent an ambulance to pick him up and drop him off at the correct destination.

READ BELOW, in full, the note sent to the website:


The medical team that provides services to the Emergency Care Unit (UPA), in the municipality of Vilhena – RO, registers the deepest rejection of the regrettable statements of the Councilors: Ronildo Pereira Macedo, Samir Mahmoud Ali, Dhonatan Francisco Pagani Vieira, Pedro José Alves Sanches and Vivian Repessold, in addition to the Secretary of Health, Weslaine Amorim – in a Plenary Session held at Vilhena City Council, on April 12, 2022; as well as the outrageous untruths declared to the Bronca Livre program on April 6, 2022, through Councilors Samir Mahmoud Ali and Dhonatan Francisco Pagani Vieira.

Dear Vilhenense population, given the latest events, we feel obliged to show everyone our versions, and these true and sincere, without the slightest intention of promoting ourselves or inducing them to any other action that is not to present to all our daily struggles to try to offer the best we brought from the dedicated and hard-working years of in-depth studies to get here.

We are victims of a failed, collapsed health management, where in the case of the UPA of Vilhena, we are in the place of relief not only for our municipality, but for a total of seven cities that make up the southern cone, and sometimes part of the State. Mato Grosso (approximately 200,000 inhabitants).

The population better than any councilor or administrator, knows the flow of patients that the UPA currently receives, it is you who unfortunately have to wait for us doctors to perform the miracle that councilors expect and manage to serve everyone like mere robots, without looking at the individuality of each patient. However, we have come to tell you with all our regrets that we are not capable of that and that, unfortunately, we are also unable to perform the miracles that the legislature expects so much.

What makes us think is that they want a shallow service and little evaluation, where the short time is to put your health at risk, dear patient, which is humiliating for medical dignity and derogatory to human morality. We believe in evidence and formats that should work in a UPA or any other urgent and emergency care unit, with risk classification made by nurses and guidance on outpatient care that should be performed in Basic Health Units (UBS). Something that unfortunately does not happen.

Today we work in a unit that offers little to you and even less to us (limited medications and exams, lack of specialties, especially pediatrics, reduced nursing staff and technicians). They charge us to prescribe existing medicines in the basic network, but the basic network cannot maintain the basics. We are charged and many times judged and condemned for not caring for the patient who has a fever, pain, high blood pressure… But no one told you that the files arrive at the clinics most days, without classification, making it impossible to the doctor who is there inside the room for hours, to know which patient is more or less serious. We want to make it clear that we are offering our best to everyone, and that at this moment it may not be enough, however unfortunately in the circumstances in which we find ourselves, it is our maximum, do not doubt it.

Most of us are born and raised in Vilhena, as are most of you and… Who of us didn’t have a previous life here, came through a friend or family member. We came to have a home, to build a career, we came because we intend to stay and not just pass through Vilhena.

“I will apply the regimens for the good of the sick, according to my power and understanding, never to cause harm or harm to anyone (…)” – Hippocratic Oath .

Such attitudes are therefore regrettable and reprehensible.

Sincerely, physicians serving the UPA de Vilhena

April 14, 2022

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