Girl with glass bone disease undergoes treatment after kitty

This is one of those stories that fill us with joy, for the purpose fulfilled! Do you remember Antonella Valentina Rojas? She has Osteogenesis Imperfecta, which is known as the “Glass Bone Disease”. We helped this little girl last year with a crowdfunding from Só Vaquinha Boa and today she celebrates the success of the treatment!

Daughter of Venezuelan immigrants, Antonella is only 8 years old and has undergone numerous surgeries to correct fractures she has suffered since birth.

We know Antonella’s story through Renata de Souza, who helps the little girl along with a group of friends, who mobilized and sought treatment, home and other care. They became true angels for the family.

Kitty and financial support

Six months after the crowdfunding ended, Antonella’s family is grateful for the financial support they received.

“The Só vaquinha Boa campaign was of great help to us as well as to Antonella. First, because the reason for the action filled our hearts at a strong moment and we also understand that we are not alone, that there are people with kind hearts to help others with nothing in return”, commented the mother, Mônica Roja, in an interview with Só Notícia Boa .

Monica also explained what was done with the amount collected. “With that money we were able to buy most of the things she needed after the surgery, like medicine.”

“Also with him [dinheiro] we managed to do the physical therapy that she still has to do today”, he continued.

The mother also explained that the amount also helped to pay for the transfer to the clinics and that, because of the campaign, Antonella received a super gift: an adapted wheelchair.

Renata, the angel in their lives, says that what marked him was seeing that, even with all the problems that the girl had to face at such a young age, she manages to be strong and have dreams.

“It’s important for us to look the other way and try to do a little bit for other people. Everyone faces an internal and external struggle. So you need to look the other way, have more empathy and, when you can, help,” she said.

diagnosis and treatment

Daniel and Mônica Roja, Antonella’s parents, learned that their daughter had poor bone formation during pregnancy, but the doctor was unable to identify the problem before the little girl was born.

At just 15 days old, she fractured her humerus and, at one month, her leg. That’s when the parents decided to seek a deeper medical follow-up.

Without many prospects for treatments in Venezuela, the family first moved to Argentina and, only in 2019, they came to Brazil.

In Curitiba, where they still live, Antonella received support from Instituto Pequeno Príncipe. There she has primary treatment, but according to her father, she “needs more specific follow-up to restore her health”.

Although osteogenesis imperfecta still has no cure, there are some treatments that help improve the person’s quality of life, reducing the risk and frequency of fractures.

Monica and Daniel conclude by reinforcing the importance of good deeds.

“We greatly appreciate the initiative and the importance they had with us regardless of nationality, race, skin color, religion. We ask God to continue to bless all who contributed and Só vaquinha Boa, supporting the initiative to help many people. God bless you greatly.”

Antonella and her family, who are from Venezuela - Photo: personal archive

Antonella and her family, who are from Venezuela – Photo: personal archive


With the money from the crowdfunding, Antonella was also able to pay for physiotherapy - Photo: personal archive

With the money from the crowdfunding, Antonella was also able to pay for physiotherapy – Photo: personal archive


Photo: personal file

Photo: personal file

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