Kiev authorities claim to have found bodies of hundreds of civilians

Kiev authorities claim to have found bodies of hundreds of civilians


more than 900 civilian bodies were discovered in the region around Kiev following the withdrawal of Russian forces – nearly all of them shot dead, according to the Associated Press, according to local police.

The number is twice as much as announced by the Ukrainian authorities almost two weeks ago and the presence of gunshot wounds indicates that many were “simply executed,” officials said.

Andriy Nebytov, head of Kiev’s regional police force, said the bodies had been abandoned in the streets or temporarily buried. He cited police data indicating that 95% died from gunshot wounds, the AP reports.

“Consequently, we understand that under the occupation [russa]people were simply executed in the streets. More bodies are being found every day, under rubble and in mass graves,” he said..

The largest number of victims was found in Bucha; where there were more than 350.

According to Nebytov, Public service workers in Bucha collected and buried bodies in a Kiev suburb while it remained under Russian control. Russian troops, he added, were “tracking” people who expressed strong pro-Ukrainian views.

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