Kiev is hit by strong explosions again after a week of Russian truce | Ukraine and Russia

Strong explosions hit Kiev, capital of Ukraine, and Lviv, in the west of the country, on Saturday morning (16). Warning sirens sounded across much of the country.

According to Kiev Mayor Vitali Klitschko, rescue teams and doctors were working at the site of an explosion on the outskirts of the city. He advised residents who fled the city at the start of the war not to return.

  • Kiev estimates 3,000 Ukrainian soldiers killed in war

On Friday (15), Russia resumed bombing the outskirts of the Ukrainian capital and announced a new offensive across the area, two weeks after withdrawing its troops from the entire Kiev region and focusing attacks on eastern Ukraine.

Fadel Senna/AFP

A Russian Defense Ministry spokesman said Russian forces used “high-precision, air-launched long-range weapons” to target an armored vehicle factory in Kiev.

In Kharkiv, in northern Ukraine, a missile attack hit one of the districts in the region. One person died and at least 18 were injured, according to the local governor.

Attacks come after the sinking of the most important ship of the Russian fleet in the Black Sea, the anti-missile cruiser Moskva. It sank after an explosion on Thursday (14). According to Ukraine, the ship was hit by a missile, which Russia denies. Pentagon sources quoted by the American press also claim that the Moskva was hit in an air strike.

In early April, Russian troops withdrew from the region around the Ukrainian capital, leaving a trail of death and destruction. After the withdrawal, hundreds of Ukrainians who had fled the region began to return to their homes, as the bombing had significantly decreased until the Moskva sank.

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