Kojima Productions will remain independent, says Hideo Kojima

Last Thursday (15), rumors that Kojima Productions was being acquired by Sony took over the internet. That’s because, an official banner from PlayStation Studios included Death Stranding, a game by Hideo Kojima, among the first-party titles of the Japanese publisher. Now, the game designer has gone public to clarify that his company will remain “independent”.

Interestingly, Kojima himself added even more fuel to the fire of these speculations. Before explaining the situation, he himself posted the image of the action game on the PS Studios banner. Shortly thereafter, the dev posted the following message:

Sorry for the misunderstanding, but Kojima Productions has always been and will continue to be an independent studio.

Another fact that can give fans another cold shower: when Sony collaborates with an independent developer to create exclusive PS5 and PS4 games, it always defines the projects as being from “PlayStation Studios”. It is also worth mentioning that the publisher has the Death Stranding IP, so it has a free pass to use the game in its marketing.

Recently, SIE Chief Executive Jim Ryan stated that more acquisitions are on the way. However, apparently Kojima Productions is not one of the developers he was talking about.

Kojima Productions changes headquarters

Hideo Kojima recently revealed that his studio has undergone a change of headquarters in Tokyo. However, the Japanese producer did not say why the change took place. Learn more about it here!

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