Meet the smiling snake that gives off a rotten smell

Have you ever seen a smiling snake? Meet the pig-nosed snake, which has a peculiar way of warding off its predators: releasing a very strong rotten smell.

Her “cute” look is a result of two things: her upturned snout, which she uses to dig in the ground, and the nifty way she flattens the skin below her head to make her look more dangerous.

What stands out, however, is the way it fends off its predators or reacts to danger. If a predator doesn’t fall for the mimicry described above (since it tries to simulate the appearance of a cobra to scare the predator away), then there’s a last resort: the stench.

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That’s because this smiling snake simulates death itself (a defensive behavior known as “thanatosis”), with the right to stick out its tongue and spray it with a disgusting odor, similar to that of a decomposing organism.

Unfortunately, the Pobi-nosed snake is usually preyed upon by birds of prey, skunks and snakes of other species as long as the “smell of death” is not triggered.

In other words, just worry about the stench of that harmless snake.

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