MP accuses Russians of ‘systematic’ rape of women

Mrs Kira Rudyk, a member of Parliament of Ukraine, said yesterday in an interview with CBS News, that sexual violence is “systematic in all areas occupied by russians” and who heard reports of women who became pregnant by their rapists. Today, the invasion of Ukraine completes 50 days.

“Rape is used as a tool of war in Ukraine to break our spirits, humiliate us and show us that we can be powerless to protect our women and children and their bodies,” said Kira, who has been gathering evidence and testimony in hopes that criminals face justice.

In the beginning, we were working to make sure the women were safe and got medical help. And I can say that some of them were actually pregnant by Russian soldiers who raped them. Ddeputy Kira RudykMember of Parliament of Ukraine

The deputy said she visited the town of Bucha, where hundreds of bodies were found after the departure of Russian troops, and said she used a combination of telephone records and documents left behind “to obtain the names and surnames of the soldiers who were committing these crimes.” crimes”. “We are now collecting more and more evidence and information about them,” she added.

She reported having heard the story of a woman who was raped in front of her family and of a woman being repeatedly visited and raped for many days.

Kira said Russian forces used rape as a tool to terrorize people because Ukrainians were resisting the invasion. “They’re trying to figure out ways to break us. Well, it’s not working now. It’s just making us angry and bringing in more and more people wanting to fight, wanting to protect our peaceful cities from this atrocity,” she said.

According to CBS, relief organizations are working to help send emergency kits to address the medical needs of these women and facilitate the collection of evidence.

The lawmaker said that while she hopes her work will help get justice done, sexual violence as a tool of war will continue as long as the conflict lasts. “The only way to stop atrocities is to end the war,” she said.

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