Ukraine collects 900 bodies of civilians shot dead near Kiev

Ukraine’s government said it found 900 civilian bodies around Kiev. The corpses have gunshot marks, which have been attributed to the Russian army.

This Friday (15/4), according to information released by international news agencies, the Ukrainian police believe that the victims were “simply executed”.

The head of Kiev’s regional police force, Andriy Nebytov, said the bodies had been abandoned in the streets or temporarily buried in shallow ditches. The statement was given to the Associated Press.

“More bodies are being found every day, under rubble and in mass graves, he added. The largest number of victims was found in Bucha; where there were more than 350”, he stressed.


Russia is focusing efforts on taking the cities of Rubizhne, Popasna and Mariupol in eastern Ukraine. The massive attacks are in response to the bombing of a Russian town on the border between the two countries.

This Friday (15/4), according to international news agencies, the Russian army is sending troops to the site.

Rubizhne and Popasna are in the pro-Russian breakaway region of Lugansk. Mariupol has been under siege for over 40 days.

ukrainian attack

Tensions in Eastern Europe rose again after new Ukrainian attacks on Russian territory. The country led by Vladimir Putin, who had promised a truce to Kiev, has signaled that it will bomb the capital.

The breakaway region was already part of the attack route of the new phase of “special military operation”, as the Russians treat the war. However, the intensity gained new contours after the Ukrainian onslaught.

More than 20 buildings and a school were targeted by Ukrainian missiles. The attacked region is in Belgorod, in southeastern Russia, close to the border between the two countries. The information was released on Friday by the Russian news agency Tass.

In retaliation, the Russian government announced new attacks on Kiev. The decision comes two weeks after Putin indicated the withdrawal of troops from the city. “The number and frequency of missile attacks on facilities in Kiev will increase,” the Russian Defense Ministry said.

At dawn, according to the Russians, a missile factory in the Vizar military and industrial complex in Vyshneve, a suburb of Kiev, was attacked.

The escalation of violence comes after the sinking of the military ship Moskva, the largest Russian warship in the Dead Sea. Ukraine claimed the attack.


Fighting continues in the port city of Mariupol, where Russian and Ukrainian troops clash over control of the site. Battles center around a steel mill and in the port area.

Russia admitted that it used long-range missiles to attack. It is the first time that this type of weapon is used in the city. The information was released by the spokesman of the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine, Oleksandr Motuzyanyk, this Friday.

The Ukrainian government’s version is that Russian forces have not yet fully taken control of Mariupol. Russia says the opposite.

Russian repression

Russian press coverage remains largely under the control of Vladimir Putin’s government. The most recent attacks were the blocking of an internet newspaper and a reprisal advocacy campaign against Ukraine on Russian state TV.

Repression also affects diplomacy. The Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs ordered the expulsion of 18 diplomats from the European Union. They must leave the country.

Russia and Ukraine are in conflict over the possible Ukrainian membership of NATO, a military entity coordinated by the United States.

In practice, Moscow sees this possibility as a threat to its security. Under this claim, he invaded the country led by Volodymyr Zelensky on February 24. This Friday, the war completes 51 days.


Attack on Kharkiv

The Ukrainian government said seven civilians were killed and 27 wounded in a Russian attack on a bus carrying people from the eastern region of Kharkiv.

“On April 14, Russian soldiers fired on a evacuation bus with civilians in the city of Borova. According to the first information, seven people died and 27 were injured,” the Attorney General’s Office reported on Telegram.

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