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With the slogan “Every care matters”, the campaign emphasizes the message of self-care and the importance of slowing down.

After two years of a pandemic, added to the economic crisis and a world conflict, Unimed-BH launches a new institutional campaign calling people to insert small care in their daily lives. With the main message “Each care matters”, the Cooperative reinforces the importance of including brief breaks in the routine and encouraging new attitudes such as paying attention to breathing, taking the body for a walk, meditating and feeling the sun on your face.

“The campaign messages value everyday beauties, pauses and affections, bringing more freshness to such troubled days. In these times of tension, we need to look at each other, at ourselves and at life more closely. Because each care, even small, matters a lot”, says the Commercial and Institutional Relations director, Mercês Fróes.

Unimed-BH’s institutional campaign also adheres to a worldwide movement to slow down everyday life, as in recent years people have lived more in automatic mode. “The pandemic made us slow down and, in social isolation, we started to reflect on the importance of calming the mind, paying more attention to our attitudes, valuing simple things and especially having more moments with family and friends”, says Mercês.

Created by the Lápis Raro agency, the campaign is being broadcast on radios, newspapers, magazines, LED panels and newsstands, billboards, bus shelters, backbus, subway, social networks and online media. All the little cares are gathered on a page created especially for the campaign: cadacuidadoimporta.com.br.

personalized communication

The “Every care matters” campaign also has specific actions aimed at promoting greater interaction among the public. A field was created within the hotsite where people can register to receive Google notifications with reminders for breaks, to stretch the body and drink water, for example. The campaign was also intensified on social networks with communication aimed at Instagram and Twitter users, in addition to actions with digital influencers.

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