75-year-old woman keeps an Easter egg she received from her father in 1960: ‘too beautiful to eat’ – Rádio Itatiaia

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Hillion Fern got the candy at age 13, in 1960, and has kept the egg intact ever since.

In Easter mood for Christians around the world, a 75-year-old British woman went viral on the internet for an unusual achievement. Hillion Fern keeps an Easter egg she got from her father when she was 13 in 1960, and claims it is “too cute to eat”.

“I still remember the day I received it. It was just so beautiful I didn’t want to eat it. I thought to myself, ‘I’ll keep it until Whitsun [Dia Santo de Pentecostes]’ but I never ate it, so I thought, ‘Oh, I’ll keep it until Christmas,’ and then Christmas came and I didn’t open it. It became a challenge after that to see how long I could last.”

The elderly woman pays the equivalent of R$500 a month in a fresh storage container to prevent the chocolate from melting. She plans to keep the Easter egg for the rest of her life.

A chocolate lover, she claims to be surprised by the effort not to eat the candy. “There was something special about this egg, and after a while, it became too precious to eat. I’m sure he’s a world champion. I’ve heard of old Easter eggs, but never wrapped,” she stated.

The egg is decorated with yellow frosting in the shape of daffodils and hides a bag of caramels and chocolates, which are now not quite the same. Hillon has two children, four grandchildren and a great-grandson, and has moved closer to his family. Even so, the egg remains in Warwickshire, where he used to live, and occasionally receives visits from the companion who has kept it for 62 years.

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