Conscious and stable, stabbed reporter has no discharge forecast – News

Journalist Gabriel Luiz, stabbed by a pair on Thursday night (14), is recovering well in the ICU of a private hospital in Lago Sul, where he must remain for the next two days. According to the latest statement with information from the family, released on Saturday night (16), the reporter is conscious and stable, but there is no expected discharge.

During the day, Gabriel “carried out further tests and remains under observation”, the note says. Friends and family reported that he is already talking and was instructed by the medical team to walk through the corridors, respecting the still delicate clinical condition. “[Os familiares] reiterate that they remain confident and thank everyone for their support”.

The journalist was attacked near the building where he lives, in the Southwest, administrative region of the Federal District. He received at least ten stab wounds to the abdomen, neck, wrists and leg and suffered heavy bleeding. Even though he was injured, he asked the doorman of the building where he lives for help, who called for help.

Security camera footage shows that, moments before the crime, Gabriel was walking in a parking lot when two men start following him. Then one of them goes up to the reporter and holds him, while the other stabs him with a knife.

The Civil Police captured the two suspects of committing the attack. The first to be found was a 17-year-old minor, who is being apprehended. The other, 19 years old, tried to flee the DF after the repercussion of the case, but was arrested in the act. The two confessed to involvement in the case, according to police.

The line of investigation of the case will be that of attempted robbery, excluding other hypotheses. The journalist’s wallet was not taken and his cell phone was found near the area where the stabbing took place.

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