Does Baking Soda Make Your Teeth Whiter? Look!

Who ever heard that baking soda is great for whitening teeth? Tired of the yellowish appearance of the teeth, it is common for many to turn to the internet and be fed countless articles on the subject, unable to distinguish what is true or false, also putting their own oral health at risk.

To put an end to these doubts, the Portuguese Implantology Institute revealed, through a press release, information that is worth clarifying, not only about the, until then, supposed effectiveness of sodium bicarbonate to whiten teeth, as similar questions are worth scoring.

After all, can you whiten your teeth with baking soda?

Yes, the product is excellent for removing stains, BUT the recommended thing is to keep using it only on your clothes and not in your mouth. It does help to make the surface of the tooth cleaner, however its abrasive process leads to a continuous wear of the enamel surface, causing more tooth sensitivity that will lead the person to spend more in the future with other treatments.

Experts also give tips on how to maintain dental care
Experts also give tips on how to maintain dental care | Kroshka Nastya/Freepik

Is losing teeth in aging natural?

Another question pointed out by the Institute was the relationship between old age and the loss of teeth. It has been clarified that losing teeth because of old age is a myth. With the exception of baby teeth, all others are not designed to be lost throughout life. What causes this loss is the lack of prevention, since the person would not have performed the indicated treatments when a problem arose or, often, because he had an insufficient oral hygiene routine.

Does sugar-free gum prevent tooth decay?

With so many articles and comments about this question swarming on the internet, which made it enter the category of “myths or truths”, it was necessary to come to the public to answer at once: yes, sugar-free gum really prevents tooth decay, you can chew without fear. Also, if you can’t brush your teeth after a meal, you can use it as a complement to oral hygiene.

The advantage is that it stimulates salivary flow, which is essential for reducing the risk of caries. The increase in saliva, explains the Institute, helps to neutralize the acids in the oral cavity, stimulating the remineralization of the teeth.

It is worth noting that sugar-free gum does not work miracles and they should not be kept for more than 10 minutes in the mouth, as the constant chewing and continuous production of saliva “tricks” the stomach and makes it generate more acids because it thinks it is about to receive food.

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