Gabriel Luiz was extubated and is lucid; health condition remains serious

Gabriel Luiz
Gabriel Luiz remains in serious condition.

Gabriel Luiz, a Globo journalist stabbed by two men, was extubated and is lucid. Last Thursday (14), he suffered 10 blows and the police work with the hypothesis of attempted robbery.

The reporter had a stable night and didn’t have any problems, according to UOL. Doctors told family members that blood pressure is under control and that the patient has been talking, in a lucid and conscious way, with the hospital staff. However, there is still no forecast for an increase.

This Saturday morning (16), the family talked to Globo and revealed that Gabriel underwent a series of tests. The state of health is still serious but stable. The journalist is still at risk of death because of perforations in vital organs, such as lungs, neck and stomach.

Despite the problem, the journalist’s father is optimistic. “I took his hand and he interacted with me, he was thrilled when the doctors reduced the sedation: “He even asked the medical team about his own health status… He wrote the doubts on a paper”, he commented.

Defendants say they did not know Gabriel Luiz

The youths said they didn’t know Gabriel and just wanted to rob the journalist. They even reported that they consumed Rohypnol.

“They said they used a lot of drugs and decided to commit a robbery. The smaller one was even stabbed by the older one accidentally, while holding Gabriel. He went to the hospital and, later, the mother of a friend of his decided to file a police report, because he lied saying that he had been the victim of a robbery. We are suspicious, because it would be rare for two very similar crimes in the same region to have occurred at practically the same time. We realized he was lying,” Douglas said.

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