Grow cloves in a pot: in addition to fragrant the environment, it will bring several benefits to your health

Salvador, April 16, 2022, written by Gabriela Soares – Agro Notícias presents you with all the benefits of a wonderful seasoning, in addition to perfuming the environment, it is a great ally of your good health. Grow cloves. Don’t forget to share this article with your friends and family.

According to Wikipedia, clove oil has antiseptic properties and is widely used in dentistry. It is one of the most valued spices. For example, one kilo of cloves was once equivalent to seven grams of gold. Grow cloves and understand all the benefits of this wonderful seasoning and flavoring.

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Grow cloves
Grow cloves – Photo: Pexels

Grow cloves

To start your clove cultivation, separate your seeds, also known as charcoal. Get them at a plantation store and the like. Then keep the charcoal in a container of water for 24 hours. Soon after, place the seeds in plastic bags containing a mixture of cured manure and soil, in addition, spray water on the bag frequently. Within 15 days your seedlings will germinate and be ready for planting.

Plant the seedlings in a pot 30 cm to 40 cm deep, place a layer of stones at the end. Be careful to place the seedlings well buried and hugged by the soil and substrate. Protect your seedlings from the sun, as they cannot be in direct sunlight. In addition, the good development of the plant occurs in environments with an average temperature of 25 degrees. Water your plant often, but don’t water it. Always check the soil moisture, if it is too wet, avoid adding more water.

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Benefits of this spice

By ingesting or chewing cloves, you collaborate against pain and inflammation. Therefore, clove oil is used to alleviate these symptoms. A clear example is its use in dentistry, to reduce toothaches. In addition, this spice also improves healing and fights infections. Because of this fact, the infusion is great for the lung, as these properties treat respiratory problems.

If you go to the gym frequently and feel constant pain from lifting too much weight or not getting used to these exercises, your problems are over. Clove acts as a muscle relaxant. So, make a clove gel and apply it to the sore spot. Gently massage the area. This gel is great and can be used on specific points, in case of a lot of pain. Now that you know the benefits of this spice, cultivate cloves and share that knowledge.

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