Russia bombs oil refinery in eastern Ukraine | Ukraine and Russia

Russian forces on Saturday bombed an oil refinery in the city of Lisichansk, located near the front line in eastern Ukraine, local officials said.

“In the morning they bombed the oil refinery, a fire started (…) and they are still trying to extinguish it. [o incêndio]”, said the Ukrainian governor of the Luhansk region, Serhiy Haidai, in his Telegram account.

“The Russians systematically target it to exhaust the rescuers. There is no fuel there. Only oil residues are burned,” he added.

Late in the afternoon, AFP journalists could observe a long column of black smoke and several parts of the refinery still on fire. At 3:30 pm local time (9:30 am Brasília time), firefighters were still trying to put out the fire.

The cities of Lisichansk and nearby Severodonetsk are almost daily targets of Russian bombing, according to AFP journalists there.

Severodononetsk is on the front lines, about 50 km east of Kramatorsk, the capital of Donbass.

About 400 civilians have been buried in Severodonetsk in individual graves since the start of the war on February 24, the governor announced on Tuesday. In the city of Lisichansk, instead, “the dead are buried in mass graves,” he added.

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