Scorn “from Xbox Game Pass”: video with more 8 minutes of gameplay is leaked on the internet

Scorn shows up again in a new 8-minute gameplay video, seemingly unheard of, even if it’s unclear how it ended up on the internet, published by youtuber OpyGam3r and reported below for the interesting first-person horror shooter that will be released directly on the internet. Xbox Game Pass.

in the video of 8 minutes we see different gameplay scenes without any audio commentary, similar to what emerged earlier with the 14-minute video released last October, so we can’t help but watch what happens on the screen and speculate on how the game works, as some cutscenes continue decidedly Weird.

In particular, we noticed how in most of the action levels in the style of a first-person shooter, other situations seem to introduce some kind of puzzle, all centered on the interaction with bizarre machines that mix mechanical elements with organic ones, in a disturbing mixture. which fits perfectly into the overall style of the game.

As we all know from the moment of its announcement, Scorn is clearly inspired by the graphic style of Hans Ruedi Giger, an artist with an unmistakable trait who also contributed to building the Alien myth thanks to his nightmare visions.

Scorn has recently been moved to October 2022 but still has no release date, with an Xbox Game Pass game leak indicating this for October 7, 2022but it’s still a rumor.

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