The dangerous consequences of excessive alcohol consumption

posted on 04/17/2022 10:00

  (credit: Pixabay/Reproduction)

(credit: Pixabay/Reproduction)

In 2021, the Pan American Health Organization, an agency of the World Health Organization (PAHO/WHO), published a study with alarming data on alcohol abuse in the Americas: between 2013 and 2015, about 85,000 deaths per year were 100% attributed to its consumption.

In the pandemic, this intake even worsened. Among the 55% of the Brazilian population who drink, 17.2% declared an increase, due to anxiety due to social isolation, according to a survey carried out by the Brazilian Liver Institute (Ibrafig). Understanding the differences between moderate drinking and dependence is critical to treating conditions that develop as a result of alcoholism.

Psychiatrist, professor and specialist in chemical dependency Helena Moura clarifies that considering only the amount and frequency of use is not enough for the diagnosis of the disease. Taking into account how much consumption has interfered with interpersonal relationships, work, studies and self-care is essential.

In addition, another pertinent point is binge drinking, which occurs when a person always drinks in greater amounts and for longer than planned, and it is difficult to stop, despite realizing the damage. That’s why it’s important to pay attention to the signs, as the harmful effects of alcohol can be long-lasting, even when the addiction is stopped.


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