After causing an in-flight riot, woman receives the biggest fine in aviation history

An American woman was penalized with the biggest fine in the history of the FAA (Federal Aviation Administration of the United States) after having a true outbreak on a plane.

The passenger had to be immobilized with duct tape on the seat to be restrained, due to the enormous stress. The case took place in July 2021.

The confusion started during a turmoil, when the girl ended up falling in the aircraft aisle and was disgusted with the case.

Another passenger tried to help her, but she refused and threatened to kill him.

Completely out of control, the passenger tried to invade the plane’s control cabin, where the pilot of the spacecraft was. However, she was able to be stopped by the crew and, finally, she was arrested with the tapes.

The stipulated amount to be paid was US$ 81,850, approximately R$ 386 thousand reais, at current values.

And anyone who thinks she was the first to commit an insane act in mid-flight is wrong. In the same month of July, a man was fined US$77,272 after another outbreak.

In this case, the passenger tried to open the plane’s door several times and bit another person flying overhead as well.

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