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The health mouth can be threatened by the presence of cavities that affect the hard tissues of the body, especially the teeth. Defined as a chronic non-communicable disease mediated by bacteria, it will cause the destruction of tooth enamel or the hard layer that is located on the outside of the teeth.

Consequently, to counter this pathology, it will be essential to apply some tricks important which we will give next.

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This sticky film of bacteria constantly forms on teeth when sugary foods or drinks are consumed.

Plaque bacteria produce acids that attack tooth enamel and their adhesion keeps these acids in contact with the teeth and with the grinding, harming oral health . the formation of cavities can be tackled with some keys which we will talk about in the following paragraphs.

Caries: how to prevent?

First of all, it will be essential to brush your teeth constantly, avoiding the formation of cavities and improving the oral health . This is because the aforementioned disease usually appears due to poor dental hygiene. Consequently, it will be essential to brush food after eating for two minutes. The procedure is simple: brush inside the cavities of the teeth and tongue, since most of the bacteria that stay in the mouth accumulate in it.

Another of keys fundamental is the use of mouthwash, which will reduce the level of bacteria and complement it with flossing. The latter is an essential ally because it helps to clean the places where the brush does not reach and where the cavities . In addition, according to experts, it will be vital to drink water constantly, as it will wash away food residues, but fundamentally, it will maintain the pH of the mouth in ideal conditions.

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Finally, to enjoy a better oral health without cavities we suggest that you develop one of the keys most effective natural remedies: combine cloves with coconut oil. This mixture will help prevent infections, and to use it, you should put clove oil with coconut oil and apply it to your mouth with a cotton ball.

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