Make Radahn kill himself

Elden Ring is a very challenging game, after all, it is part of its genre and its essence, being a game of FromSoftware. Even so, there are still some secrets and tips that can make your gameplay a little easier, at least with some bosses and monsters.


Some players have discovered that it is possible to let the boss radahn defeat yourself. Exactly. You don’t need any kind of magic or super powerful weapon, you just need to give a little help so that the big monster ends up killing itself.

It turns out that Radahn’s gravitational magic has one fatal weakness and that’s water. When you reach half of the boss’s health bar, he’ll propel himself into the sky and come back down like a deadly meteor, right?

Normally you would need to run like a madman to avoid dying from the falling blow, but if you lure him close to the water, he will fall into it and sink. That simple.

Just start fighting him the way you prefer, and when his health bar is reaching halfway, start luring him into the water. Use the horse if you prefer. If you stay out of his melee range, Radahn will have no choice but to follow him straight to his deathbed.

Elden Ring is available for PS5, Xbox Series, PS4, Xbox One and PC. For more about the game, check out The Enemy’s review. In the text, we discuss why the Midlands are one of the best open worlds in recent years, with a special emphasis on the art direction and the proposed challenges..

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