Man arrested with 183 dead animals in his freezer

A man was arrested by Arizona State Police, in the United States, after 183 dead animals, including dogs, cats and birds, were found in a freezer at his home. Michael Patrick Turland, 43, admitted to having frozen some of the animals alive. He received 94 counts of animal cruelty.

“The images taken at the scene were absolutely disgusting. Heartbreaking. As an animal lover, I cried just looking at them,” said Anita Mortensenela, a spokeswoman for the Mohave County Police, where the crime was recorded.

Dogs, cats, snakes, rabbits, birds, lizards, turtles and frozen mice were found by police officers, who received a tip from a woman who had made a delivery to Turland. The witness said she was contacted by the owner of the property where Turland and his wife lived in Golden Valley after he found a freezer full of animal corpses in the garage of their apartment.

Turland was arrested last Wednesday (13), after authorities received information that he was back at the scene. Investigators are still investigating the motivations for his acts of cruelty. Brooklyn Beck, wife of the accused, remains at large.

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