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Head of Health announced the end of the covid emergency in the country; regulation of the measure should be edited “in the next few days”

The Minister of Health, Marcelo Queiroga, announced this Sunday (17.Apr.2022) the end of the Espin (Public Health Emergency of National Importance) of covid-19. He made a speech on national radio and TV.

Queiroga did not give details about the measures linked to Espin. He stated that a normative act should be edited in the “next days”regulating the decision.

The end of Espin can cause rules linked to the validity of Espin to lose their validity. This could affect emergency authorizations granted to vaccines and drugs against covid-19, such as CoronaVac and Janssen, and even public purchases.

Watch Marcelo Queiroga’s speech (3min50s):

Read the full statement by the Minister of Health, Marcelo Queiroga, broadcast at 8:45 pm on Apr.17, 2022:

“Good night.

“Since the beginning of 2020, the world has been facing the biggest health emergency in history: the covid-19 pandemic, which has killed more than 6 million people. express our solidarity with the victims’ families and those who still suffer from the consequences of this disease.

“We feel all the losses, but with the strength of our Unified Health System, the SUS, we saved many lives. I thank the doctors, who, with the autonomy defended by the Federal Government, used the best of science in favor of patients, as well as all the health professionals who tirelessly fought against this disease.

“The Federal Government, through the Ministry of Health, strengthened the SUS, with the expansion of surveillance capacity, expansion of primary and specialized health care.

“More than BRL 100 billion were earmarked exclusively for the fight against the pandemic, in addition to more than BRL 492 billion for regular health financing since 2020.

“Brazil carries out the largest vaccination campaign in its history. More than 476 million doses of vaccine have already been distributed, all acquired by the Ministry of Health. Today, more than 73% of the Brazilian population has completed the vaccination schedule and more than 71 million Brazilians have received the booster dose. We have vaccines available and Brazilians freely access this public policy.

“Thanks to the improvement in the epidemiological scenario, the broad vaccination coverage of the population and the capacity of SUS to provide assistance, we are now able to announce the end of the Public Health Emergency of National Importance – Epsin.

“In the coming days, a normative act will be edited disciplining this decision.

“This measure, however, does not mean the end of Covid-19. We will continue to live with the virus. The Ministry of Health remains vigilant and prepared to adopt all necessary actions to guarantee the health of Brazilians in full respect of the Federal Constitution.

“Finally, health is a right for all and a duty of the State. Nobody will be left behind.

“I wish you all a happy easter. And God bless our Brazil.”

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