Shanghai has first deaths since lockdown began

City set April 20 as a goal to not record new cases

The China confirmed on Sunday (Apr 17, 2022) – Monday morning (Apr 18) at local time – the death of 3 people by covid-19 in Shanghai. These are the first deaths since the city adopted a strict lockdown to contain the increase in cases of the disease.

Since the beginning of March, Chinese regions have been facing outbreaks of covid-19. So far, the most affected is Shanghai. On Sunday, 23,460 new cases were recorded, of which 2,742 were symptomatic. Of the total, 2,420 are in Shanghai. The city has set April 20 as a goal to not record new cases.

China applied throughout the pandemic the policy of “covid zero”, where it uses fast locks and tighter restrictions to contain outbreaks. On March 14, the Chinese government announced lockdown in Shanghai and Shenzhen. The population was heavily impacted by the closing of supermarkets and restaurants.

In addition, public transport has been suspended, factories have ceased operations and companies have switched to working remotely. With the restrictions, images of food fights and demonstrations through windows began to circulate on the internet (watch below).

Shanghai has been converting schools, apartment blocks and exhibition halls into quarantine sites. The government said last week it had set up more than 160,000 beds in 100 makeshift hospitals. In China, authorities can take over buildings and other property to deal with emergency situations.

Last Thursday (Apr 14), residents of a complex scheduled to be converted into a quarantine center clashed with the police.

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