The stabbed reporter’s health plan needs to reimburse the SUS, which saved him – 04/17/2022

A divine conspiracy made chance and efficiency unite to save the life of reporter Gabriel Luiz, from TV Globo. Stabbed ten times in an attempted robbery in Brasília, he is in a stable condition. He recovers well.

Chance included a brigade member in the group of neighbors who came to the reporter’s assistance. It was also by chance that an officer from the Fire Department, visiting a girlfriend residing in Gabriel’s building, called the corporation after noticing, from a second-floor window, the reporter’s bleeding.

The ambulance arrived at 11:22 pm. It came at lightning speed, for the fire station is only a mile from the scene of the heinous murder attempt. Gabriel was taken in serious condition to Hospital de Base, the largest public hospital in Brasília. There, the efficiency of a trio of doctors came into play.

One of the doctors, surgeon Adriano Evangelista Borges, summarized the situation in a statement to Jornal Nacional:

“While I was doing the care in the face, neck […], my colleague was already evaluating the region of the thorax, the abdomen, the nurses were already collecting the exams. So, this is extremely important in a trauma center so that the faster we perform it, the lower the severity of the injuries and the better the prognosis of this patient.”

Saved by SUS, the reporter was transferred the next day to a private hospital accredited by his health plan. According to the law, when the citizen has a private plan and is treated in an emergency in a public hospital, the operator is obliged to reimburse the State for the expenses arising from the service provided to its client.

The law of reimbursement is clear as tap water. Its constitutionality has already been attested by the Federal Supreme Court. But many operators escape the obligation by taking the shortcut of the Judiciary. They question the skewer in an endless succession of resources. The debt of operators with the SUS runs around R$ 3 billion. An insult.

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