This is the meat that increases cholesterol levels the most

As we know, the cholesterol It is an essential substance for the functioning of our organism. However, high blood cholesterol levels can cause different diseases. Having a balanced diet is essential to avoid diseases and, in this way, a food such as beef may not be the best ally.

Cholesterol moves through our blood bound to proteins, the combination of both is called lipoproteins and they are classified into two types: LDL or bad cholesterol and HDL or good cholesterol.

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LDL is responsible for moving proteins through our body, but in high levels it can clog our arteries, as it deposits on their walls and prevents blood flow. This produces an important cardiovascular risk. On the other hand, HDL aims to transport excess cholesterol to the liver so that this organ can suppress it.

As we said, a balanced diet rich in fiber, omega-3, vegetables and legumes is the best medicine against cholesterol bad. In this sense, experts recommend reducing the intake levels of a food such as beef . But there are types of meat that are more harmful to our health than others. Let’s see what they are.

Which meat raises cholesterol the most?

THE beef which provides the highest levels of cholesterol bad is beef, followed by others foods such as pork and chorizo.

Chicken and beef livers can also contribute to high cholesterol levels, especially in people with previous risk factors.

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Another type of meat that we should reduce in our diet is lamb. Chicken or pork loin are some of the meats that least contribute to bad cholesterol, although it is also recommended to reduce their consumption.

Although taking care of our food, knowing which is the best food for us and exercising regularly helps us to lead a healthy life, we must keep in mind that the cholesterol bad has no symptoms, it is only detected through a blood test, so it is advisable to carry out this test at least once a year.

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