Ubisoft recognizes that games don’t need to grow anymore

The design of Ubisoft’s open world games draws criticism from users, for leaving the maps (these, giants) filled with uninteresting markings and/or missions. When the publisher announced the “Scalar” project, aiming to create “bigger, richer worlds”, fans expressed concern about what this means for the company’s games. Now, the company recognizes that games don’t have to be even bigger.

In an interview with GamesIndustry.biz, Ubisoft Stockholm director Patrick Bach, part of the “Scalar” team, stated that this technology will not force devs to create huge worlds, because its purpose is to remove restrictions, rather than dictate the design. .

Do we need games to be bigger? Not. Will some titles benefit from being bigger? Yes. No part of a game needs to be guided by ‘more is better’. This is technology, it doesn’t dictate which games you build, but there are games that will benefit from being bigger, more detailed, capable of scaling and being bigger than they are today.

When the “Scalar” project was announced, the French publisher promised: the technology will still make it possible for open worlds to be updated in real-time and populated by a large number of players.

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