Ukraine accuses Russia of leaving bombs in washing machines

Explosive believed to have been hidden by Russians in Ukraine

Explosive believed to have been hidden by Russians in Ukraine

Photo: ANSA / Ansa – Brazil

Ukraine’s government accuses Russian soldiers of leaving lethal bombs and booby-traps everywhere in the newly liberated cities around Kiev.

Since Russian troops left the Ukrainian capital region to focus on conquering the Donbass, local authorities have warned residents not to return to their homes, at least until bomb squads have completed sweeping operations.

“The occupiers set up booby traps everywhere they spent the night. People find explosives even in the homes of police officers, first responders and military personnel,” Ukraine’s Interior Minister Denys Monastyrsky declared last Saturday (16th).

According to him, homemade bombs, grenades and lethal traps were found behind doors, inside washing machines, stuck in trees, under cars, between beds and inside glasses.

According to the Ukrainian military, virtually any object could have been filled with explosive material, including toys and cell phones.

Recently, President Volodymyr Zelensky had already accused the Russians of attaching bombs to corpses, which would then explode when they were buried.

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