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Ukraine has found over 1,000 bodies in Kiev region
Reproduction/Social networks – 04.13.2022

Ukraine has found over 1,000 bodies in Kiev region

Ukrainian authorities have found more than 1,000 civilian bodies in the capital Kiev region since early April.

The balance was provided on Sunday (17) by the local police chief, Andriy Nebytov, who said that most of the victims were killed by small arms, which could be an indication of mass executions.

“There are children, including small ones, and teenagers,” said Nebytov, adding that around 200 people remain missing in the region.

Russian troops left Kiev at the end of March to focus on conquering Donbass, in eastern Ukraine, and their withdrawal allowed the discovery of several indications of war crimes against the civilian population.

In cities like Borodyanka, Bucha and Irpin, Ukrainian authorities found bodies lying in the streets, corpses with signs of torture and mass graves with dozens of dead. There are also reports of sexual violence against women.

Russia denies the allegations and says Ukraine has mounted a “farce” to undermine ceasefire negotiations.


Despite the withdrawal, the Kiev region came under air strikes again late last week after Ukraine sank a major Russian warship, the Moskva, in the Black Sea.

New explosions were reported on Sunday, and Moscow said it had destroyed a munitions factory near the town of Brovary, on the outskirts of the capital.

In recent days, Russia had already bombed two other military equipment factories in the Kiev region, where citizens began to return from the beginning of April.

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