VIDEO: Woman survives after falling on track with moving train in Argentina | World

A video recorded by a security camera at a station in Argentina shows the moment when a passenger loses her balance and falls under the moving train.

The incident took place on March 29, but it was only on Monday (18) that the images were released by the country’s authorities.

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Woman falls on top of a moving train in Argentina – Photo: Reproduction\Argentine Ministry of Transport

According to the transport company, the woman suffered multiple trauma and lost consciousness. She was taken to a hospital and spent a few days under observation until she was discharged.

In an interview with the Argentine newspaper “La Nación”, she said that she was going to meet her friends for lunch, but that she does not remember the fall.

“I don’t remember anything about the accident. I only woke up when I was already on the platform, with a lot of people around me,” he told the publication.

She also said that she is still undergoing medical treatment, and told the Argentine newspaper that I couldn’t believe you got out of this alive..

Woman is rescued after falling on train track in Argentina – Photo: Reproduction / Ministry of Transport of Argentina

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