War of provocations: Putin threatens US with unforeseeable consequences and warns of clash of forces

the president of Russia, Vladimir Putindid not like the recent moves by Europe and the US — which refuse to take up arms to stop Russian troops in war at Ukrainebut they do not spare Moscow from provocations.

Finland and Sweden, two countries hitherto neutral in relation to the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO), began to consider joining the alliance, leading to a worsening of tensions related to the war in Eastern Europe.

Russia and Finland share a 1,300-kilometer border, and Moscow sees its neighbor’s inclusion in NATO as a threat to its national security.

After warning that Finland and Sweden will become enemies of Russia if they join NATO, the Russian government on Sunday warned of the potential for unintentional incidents with alliance forces in the Arctic.

Nikolay Korchunov, Russia’s delegate to the Arctic Council, cited what he called a “destabilizing military buildup” in the region of the US-led bloc.

“The internationalization of NATO’s military activity in high latitudes cannot but cause concern,” he said. “The risks of unintentional incidents are increasing,” he added.

On Thursday, Russia escalated the war by saying it could station nuclear forces in and around the Russian enclave of Kaliningrad if Finland and Sweden join NATO.

The two countries have long recognized military neutrality, but public opinion is shifting in favor of NATO membership. Countries have signaled that they will make a decision in the coming weeks.

NATO expansion has been a central concern for Russia, which invaded Ukraine on Feb.

War of threats against the US

The US has not escaped Putin’s wrath. The Russian government has threatened the country with “unforeseeable consequences” if the government of President Joe Biden continues to transfer weapons to Ukraine.

In diplomatic correspondence dated April 12, but only now made public, Russia urges the US and its allies to stop what it called the “irresponsible militarization of Ukraine, which entails unforeseen consequences for regional security and International”.

The letter surfaced the same week Biden announced an extra $800 million in military assistance to Ukraine. The military aid package included artillery systems, armored vehicles and helicopters.

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