Woman waits 9 days for care at a health unit while foot necrotizes

A 59-year-old diabetic woman lost three toes while waiting for care at a Basic Health Unit in guarujá, Sao Paulo coast. According to the victim’s daughter, who gave an interview to g1, the mother was admitted to the scene on April 7 with a foot injury. Because she is diabetic, she has difficulty in the healing process, which caused the victim’s foot to begin to necrose.

Woman's foot in the process of necrosis after waiting for hospitalization Personal file

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Woman’s foot in the process of necrosis after waiting for hospitalization Personal file

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She was waiting for a place at the Hospital de Santo Amaro, which serves the SUS (Unified Health System), but the wound became infected during that time. “Doctors said there was nothing they could do,” said the daughter. “She needs surgery urgently,” she continued, claiming that after the 3 toes had died, the smell of her mother’s foot had become unbearable due to the decomposition of her limbs.

The woman was transferred, but as the necrosis process advanced to the rest of the leg, she will need amputation surgery, taking off the patient’s right foot or even half of the leg. “The health system is going through a difficult moment and those who ‘pay the duck’ are those who need it most”, said the daughter.

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