Zelensky: “I don’t believe in the world after what I see in Ukraine”


The President of Ukraine, Volodymyr Zelensky (photo), criticized this Sunday the statements “empty” From world leaders about the war in your country. In an interview with CNN, he said no. believe in security guarantees or international law.

“I don’t believe in the world, in some leaders. We don’t believe in words. After the invasion of Russia, we don’t believe in our neighbors. We don’t believe in any of that.”he said.

“We just believe in pragmatic, contracted things. If you are our friend or partner, give us guns, give us a hand, give us support, give us money and stop Russia, kick Russia. You can do this if you are a friend. If you think about this democracy and only that right now, we have the same thoughts, if we’re talking about freedom, it’s not just because we just want to have a dialogue about freedom.”

Zelenskyas we have shown, classified the situation in the city of Mariupolin the south of the country, as “simply inhumane”. He too accused the forces commanded by Vladimir Putin in “deliberately destroying anyone who is” in the port city.

After Ukraine this Sunday ignored the Russian ultimatum in Mariupol, the Russian Defense Ministry threatened “to eliminate” all the soldiers who continue to fight in the besieged city.

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