Zelensky warns world must prepare for Putin nuclear attack

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky said in an interview with CNN that “all countries in the world” must be prepared for a Putin nuclear offensive in Ukraine.

“not just me [tenho receio um ataque nuclear], all the world, all the countries need to worry because it might not be real information, but it might be true. They can use chemical weapons, for them, people’s lives are worthless,” Zelensky said in an interview in English.

Information of a possible nuclear attack on Ukraine emerged this week, with CIA director Bill Burns saying the United States is closely following the Kremlin’s military maneuvers because it believes Vladimir Putin could resort to nuclear weapons if he feel cornered.

The Ukrainian head of state, who after more than 50 days of war continues to lead the country from Kiev, estimates that 3,000 Ukrainian soldiers have died since the beginning of the war, indicating that on the Russian side he thinks there were already 20,000 casualties.

As for the deaths of civilians, on the outskirts of Kiev alone, the Ukrainian authorities indicate that they found 900 bodies of men, women and children who were trying to flee the conflict, with bombs continuing to fall not only in Kiev, but also in Mariupol, with the Russia warning that the attacks will intensify in the coming days.

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