Antonov An-225 and Turkish drone Bayraktar become ‘stuffed animals’ in Ukraine

Some of the symbols of the Ukrainian war and resistance, the Antonov An-225 Mriya and the Bayraktar drone, have become stuffed animals and are being loved by children.

The An-225, the iconic and emblematic largest plane in the world for decades, was destroyed during the conflict, in the second Russian attempt to capture Gostomel Airport, Antonov’s operational base on the outskirts of Kiev. Although Antonov said it assesses the aircraft’s damage, it is virtually certain that they are irreparable. Still, the plane that bears “dream” in its name remains a symbol of resistance.

Toys-Kopitsa, a toy maker, began manufacturing and selling An-225 plushies, targeting children, who have mostly never seen the plane, the country’s biggest symbol.

Other plushies such as the American-made Javelin anti-tank missile and the Turkish Bayraktar drone, two key weapons for Ukraine’s defense, are also being sold. According to the manufacturer’s website, the plush toys are being sold for the equivalent of R$34 to R$53, but are not available for sale in the country yet.

Other symbols of resistance, such as the farmer’s tractors, which have been seen towing abandoned Russian armored vehicles, have also become children’s pictures.

The news of the sale of the plushies went viral on the networks after a Ukrainian mother saw them in a store, decided to buy an An-225 for her daughter. A photo was shared on Twitter, along with the declaration of the importance of the gesture, and the wish that their daughter will always have a Mriya, which means “Dream” in Ukrainian.

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