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Guilherme Dardanhan / ALMG
Photo: Guilherme Dardanhan / ALMG

The law was enacted in an extra edition of the Diário do Legislativo this Monday (18)

The Minas Legislative Assembly (ALMG) enacted, on the afternoon of this Monday (18), the bill with differentiated rates for salary recomposition of Education, Health and Safety servers. After overturning the vetoes of Governor Romeu Zema (Novo) to readjustments greater than 10.06%, the enactment was published in an extra edition of the Legislative Gazette at 2 pm, signed by the President, Agostinho Patrus, by the 1st Secretary, Tadeu Martins Leite , and by the 2nd Secretary of the House, deputy Carlos Henrique.

The deputies amended the text of the original bill and amended articles 10 and 11, granting recomposition, in addition to 10.06%, 14% for health and safety employees and 33% for education (in compliance with the national level of the category), in addition to maintaining aid for police officers and amnesty for teachers who went on strike. Zema vetoed the changes, maintaining the original project, but ALMG overrode the partial vetoes on Tuesday (12). With the overthrow, the text returned to the Executive, but as Zema disagreed with transforming the proposal into law, the text returned to the ALMG for promulgation, according to the regiment.

Governor Romeu Zema promises to seek, in court, a decision that prevents payments in excess of the 10.06% already sanctioned.

In reply to Itatiaia after the promulgation this Monday (18), the Government of Minas reaffirmed that it is going to court to try to overturn the extra recomposition. “The Government of Minas reaffirms that it will go to court, after completing the legal process on the subject, reiterating its commitment to fiscal responsibility and legality”.


Shortly after the veto was overturned, the president of the Legislative Assembly, deputy Agostinho Patrus (PSD), took to social media to provoke the governor. The veto was overturned by 55 votes to three.

“A promise is made to be fulfilled and lies are short-lived,” said the parliamentarian, referring to the agreement made by Zema with public security officials in 2019, which was not fulfilled. At the time, the governor promised a readjustment of 41% in the salaries of the military, but only paid the first installment, 13%.

Zema responded by calling the text an “electoral lie” and questioning who would “sign the R$9 billion check to pay the bill?”.

The governor also compared spending to a father who lets his son do drugs.

“What these deputies did is what a father does when his son asks for any kind of barbarity. Ah, I want to buy that, I buy it even though I don’t have the resources to pay. I want to take drugs. Let the son take drugs. Life is not like that. , life is made responsibly”, he declared.

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