Boyfriend of Gabriel Luiz, a reporter who was stabbed in the DF, vents: ‘It will get out of this’

Boyfriend of Gabriel Luiz, a TV Globo reporter who was stabbed last Thursday night in the Federal District, used social media to vent about what happened.

“This week, since we met, was the first time I woke up without a “good morning” message from you that made my world a better place. I am a witness to the light you are and the love for life that you have. I look at you and I know you will get out of this. I am and will always be by your side. I love you!”, posted Lucas Machado on Instagram.

Reporter Gabriel Luiz was stabbed in Brasilia
Reporter Gabriel Luiz was stabbed in Brasília Photo: Reproduction / TV Globo

Gabriel Luiz, 29, remains hospitalized in the Intensive Care Unit (ICU) of Hospital Brasília, in Lago Sul, where he has already been extubated and is lucid and conscious. The young man even took his first steps on Saturday with the help of a physical therapist.

“Gabriel continues to react well. He slept better that night, less agitated. He did some tests. (The medical team) is looking at the possibility of releasing a liquid diet and continuing the treatment. We are confident — describes the father to GLOBO.

According to Wilton, there is still no forecast of discharge. Gabriel Luiz was transferred from Hospital de Base, a reference in trauma care in the Federal District, on Friday, where he was hospitalized in serious condition. There, he underwent several surgeries.

In all, there were ten stab wounds, which hit the neck, abdomen, chest and leg and punctured vital organs, such as the lung, in addition to veins in the neck and stomach. The reporter and editor of “DF1” was rescued by the Mobile Emergency Care Service (Samu).

— There is no discharge forecast, as Gabriel’s health condition is favorable, but he still needs a lot of attention — says the server, who accompanies his son in the hospital.

The Civil Police said on Friday that it is working with the hypothesis of attempted robbery and has ruled out other lines of investigation so far. The corporation identified two suspects, who would have taken R$250 from Gabriel’s wallet, but discarded the cell phone at risk of being tracked.

A 17-year-old, who would have applied a rear naked choke to the victim, was stabbed in the leg and sought medical attention. He was apprehended in a square, according to police, and confessed to participating in the crime in testimony.

The other suspect is José Felipe Leite Tunholi, 19, who was arrested while trying to escape to Paracatu (MG) with €550.

“I’m pleased with Gabriel’s recovery so far, but also aware that he still requires a lot of attention. It is to thank each step – concluded Wilton.

Both suspects denied knowing Gabriel and would only have discovered who the victim was after the repercussions of the case. In testimony, they claimed to have consumed drugs and decided to commit robberies in the Southwest region.

Boyfriend of Gabriel Luiz, journalist who was stabbed in DF, makes a post on the web
Boyfriend of Gabriel Luiz, a journalist who was stabbed in the DF, makes a post on the web Photo: Reproduction/Instagram

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