Capital with the most dengue cases in the country, Goiânia declares public health emergency | Goiás

Goiânia is the Brazilian capital with the most reported cases of dengue in the country, according to a bulletin from the Ministry of Health. Faced with the situation and the increase of more than 1,500% in notifications, the city hall declared a state of emergency in public health.

The decree allows the municipality to buy materials and supplies more quickly and hire temporary servers to help fight the mosquito, in what it considered an “abnormal situation”.

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The Municipal Health Department (SMS) informed the mayor of the 1,562% increase in reported cases of dengue compared to the same period last year, to justify the state of emergency.

According to the department, this year alone, 22,575 cases of dengue were reported, 35 of which were considered serious and three deaths.

Agents inspect properties to combat the mosquito that transmits dengue in Goiânia, Goiás — Photo: Reproduction/TV Anhanguera

All regions of Goiânia have a high risk of the disease, but the Northwest and Southwest regions concentrate the highest number of cases, with 2,600 and 2,300, respectively. The SMS accounted for 12 serious cases and 3 deaths in this first quarter, 18 of which are still being investigated.

The data show the seriousness of the epidemic, according to SMS, since the folder recorded 12 serious cases, 4 deaths and only one under investigation during the whole of last year.

“The Municipal Health Department also verified that in the first quarter of 2022 the positivity rate for dengue exceeded the percentage of 87%, which corresponds to 6,856 samples tested, of which 5,996 were positive”, highlighted the folder.

Aedes aegypti mosquito is responsible for transmitting dengue. — Photo: Reprdoução/EPTV

The storekeeper Guilherme de Jesus said that in addition to him, his mother and brother have symptoms of dengue. He looked for a health unit and may have the positive diagnosis for the 5th time.

“I looked for a health unit and had blood tests. My platelets are low and the symptoms haven’t gone away yet. They said it’s normal because dengue takes 3 to 5 days for symptoms to pass”, commented Gabriel.

The storekeeper’s mother, Denise Rosa de Jesus, feels the same symptoms as her children: headache, nausea and severe pain in the body.

“You can’t imagine that such a small pet does such a huge amount of damage. That’s why we have to take care of standing water,” said the housewife.

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