Councilor “invades” Health Center and causes confusion on the Iris Satellite

Officials at the Íris Satellite Health Center accuse the councilor of Campinas, Edson Ribeiro (PSL), of having extrapolated the role of parliamentarian during a visit to the health unit this Tuesday morning (19/04).

According to them, after being called by a patient who was trying to see a pediatrician, Ribeiro went to the CS with his advisors and his son, André Ribeiro, and filmed and entered all the rooms where patients were being treated. The doctors asked him to leave the room, but, according to the servers, he said he was an authority. The GM (Municipal Guard) was called in to control the confusion.

Edison Ribeiro went to the unit after a mother could not get an appointment for her daughter. According to the employees, she was being treated at the reception. The CS only attends appointments scheduled in advance, with the exception of urgent cases.

The congressman’s intervention generated embarrassment and shook the servers, say the officials themselves.

Other side

André Ribeiro, spokesman for the councilor, said that the parliamentarian exercised his right to inspection. He emphasized that there were several patients without care and that the unit was without the presence of the coordinator and the unit’s management refused to hand him the doctors’ schedule. “The unit was full of patients who had been waiting for over an hour with their password in hand to be seen. We wanted to verify that all the doctors who were on the schedule were attending. It is absurd what happened there”, said Ribeiro.

He also stated that the unit was without reception and that the patients themselves had to put water in the drinking fountain. “We are going to try the scale via application because it is the councilor’s right to inspect”, he pointed out.

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