Dell adopts proprietary DDR5 module that limits laptop upgrades

The company adopted the CAMM solution to build thinner and lighter models

Consumers who purchase the new laptop precision 7670 manufactured by Dell will have their Manufacturer limited upgrade options. According to iGPU Extremist, recent photos reveal that the company decided to adopt a proprietary DDR5 memory module christened it the “Compression Attached Memory Module” (CAMMthe acronym in English).

By betting on a proprietary format, the company intends to reduce the space that would be occupied by two conventional SO-DIMM memory spaces. The image released by the site shows that Dell’s solution involves the use of a single module with 16 integrated circuits (ICs)—which are separated into two zones, each containing 8 ICs.

The solution must be able to run in dual-channel configurations and, according to the company, it is possible to purchase up to 128 GB of DDR5-4800 CAMM memory next to the new laptop model. The proprietary format, which dispenses with the solder-based solutions seen in older devices, also has the advantage of allowing the manufacture of thinner and lighter products.

Decision limits upgrades

While using CAMM is beneficial to both Dell and consumers, The decision also has some limitations.. The main one concerns future upgrades: instead of being able to use memory chips compatibles manufactured by any company, the consumer is forced to turn to the person responsible for the laptop.

As a result, not only are the improvement options more limited, but also Dell would have control over the price charged to consumers for this. So far, there are no indications that the company has licensed its technology to other manufacturers, nor are there any details on how it will be able to offer parts to those looking to improve their device.

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CAMM must be present on devices other than the precision 7670which should bring Alder Lake-HX processors ranging between Core i5 and Core i9 models. The device was created to serve as a workstation and can be paired with NVIDIA RTX A500 or 90W Intel Arc Pro GPUs. So far, Dell has not revealed the launch date or the official price of the product, which should accompany robust figures for what it offers consumers.


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Source: Tom’s Hardware, iGPU Extremist

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