Digimon Survive finally gets a new release date

Digimon Survivethe next big adventure in the Bandai Namco universe that isn’t Pokémon at all, has finally got a new release date: July 28, 2022. That’s not a far off date, especially for a game that’s been delayed so many times.

The first time Bandai Namco tried to establish a release window for Digimon Survive was in 2018, promising the game for mid-2019. Then, without much explanation, it was postponed to 2020.

As we approached its new release window, Digimon Survive was postponed again. This time, its developers claimed that the strategy and role-playing game needed to undergo a “complete overhaul”, pushing its possible debut to 2021.

As we are in 2022, you already know that the game has been delayed yet again. In October of last year, the development team behind Digimon Survive announced its postponement to 2022, without a set date.

Certainly Digimon Survive had to face the difficulties in development that every game faced during the restrictions and isolation brought by the pandemic. But on Digimon’s vase, seeing so many delays, it’s possible that the team ran into specific issues they chose not to disclose.

It is preferable for a game to be postponed as many times as necessary for it to arrive, in fact, ready. But transparency becomes even more important at these times. We want to hear from you, reader – do you believe it will now? Digimon Survive Does it really arrive on July 28th?

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