Discover the 7 foods that impair memory

Excessive and regular consumption of some foods favors the development of various inflammatory diseases, some of which are high risk. In addition, they can harm brain health by impairing memory.

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Portal Healthline, released an estimate that by 2030, more than 65 million people will suffer from dementia. And yet, that memory decline is one of the first symptoms for neurodegenerative diseases. The good news is that eating a balanced diet can reduce these problems, as many are caused by a lack of nutrients.

That’s why we’ve brought you a list of 7 foods that speed up the process of memory loss. Either because they are industrialized and rich in chemical elements that in contact with our body cause inflammation or because they contain heavy metals that are a poison for the brain.

7 foods that impair memory

industrialized drinks

According to studies, people who consume soda or juice boxes are 3 times more likely to have symptoms of early dementia. It is worth noting that consumption of these drinks increases the risk of stroke, diabetes, heart disease and obesity.

Microwave popcorn

These industrialized foods have a high content of trans fats and sodium, on the other hand, they are low in vitamins and minerals. This is exactly why it ends up harming brain and memory health, in addition to favoring an increase in HDL cholesterol (the “bad” cholesterol).


The habit of drinking alcohol affects metabolic functions, impairing the functioning of neurotransmitters. This causes loss of neurons and decreases the reserves of vitamins B1, which among other functions, helps in the maintenance of memory and vision.


The problem with these foods lies in the concentration of mercury, which is a heavy metal that harms brain health. The metal is packaged in the tissue of fish and seafood. Mercury intoxication can damage the central nervous system, impairing the production of neurotoxins and generating cognitive problems.


It is common to think that this food product can be an ally for diabetics and to prevent obesity, however, its presence in foods that do not contain sugar or as a sugar substitute can trigger behavioral and cognitive problems. This is because when metabolized, its substances generate elements such as methanol and aspartic acid, which cause many harm to the brain.

ultra-processed carbohydrates

Industrialized white flour-based products, such as cookies and bread, as well as foods such as white rice, cause a spike in the glycemic index. That is, a rapid release of blood sugar concentration. This causes cognition and memory problems to arise.

Greasy food

Due to their concentrations of trans fats that increase the risks of diseases such as Alzheimer’s. In addition, there is scientific evidence that the consumption of fatty foods impairs the proper functioning of memory and causes loss of cognition.

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